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Health Storylines™ Mobile App

A self-care solution for breast cancer patients

Health Storylines ™ is a mobile health companion for breast cancer and other health concerns. Whether you’re newly diagnosed, working through treatment, or in remission, it accompanies you in every stage of your treatment.

Focus on what’s important: manage your symptoms with the Symptom Tracker or set personal reminders to take your medication.  Tracking your health data can improve accountability and provide a more complete understanding of your condition.

Knowledge is power: The Storylines feature provides you with a summary of tracked information that you can share with your healthcare team. You also have access to our SurgeryGuide decision aid and the Our Voices Blog to help you manage specific parts of your condition.

Tailored to your health needs: You get to choose what you can see and track by using the Tool Library to add a variety of health tools to your home screen. This helps you personalize your app to reflect your real-world experiences and health needs.

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