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The Power of We

Together we can accomplish great things! It’s always amazing to watch how individuals coming together as one united voice can truly make a difference in the lives of others. This willingness and desire to help others was evident when we launched our #SenselessSurgery campaign this past summer in response to the restrictions that we’re being placed on patients in British Columbia who were trying to access a life-extending metastatic breast cancer treatment. Most people were shocked to learn, as were we, that women were only able to have this treatment covered if they had surgically-induced menopause. Women who chose to take medications to have chemically-induced menopause were not eligible to receive this treatment. Thus, forcing women to have surgery, when there was another viable option.

Your response to this issue was overwhelming. By writing letters, expressing your concern on social media, and sharing your experiences, you ignited change in the system. We’re happy to share that women living with metastatic breast cancer in B.C., regardless of how they chose to induce menopause, will now have palbociclib covered through the public formulary if they meet all other criteria. This is an important win, and one that shows the difference a community can make when we come together. So, thank you; for standing up; for sharing your voice; for ensuring that there’s one less hurdle people living with metastatic breast cancer must face. Together, we can do great things.