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Digital Advocacy and Storytelling Toolkit

Advocacy means working to provide support for a cause, policy, or action. Advocacy is also the pursuit of influencing outcomes. Everyone has the ability to advocate on his or her own behalf or on behalf of others. We advocate because we see a perceived inequality or imbalance. Therefore, when we advocate, we are asking for change. Whether you are meeting with a funder, an elected official or a government representative, and whether you are raising awareness or asking for a policy change, a new program, or for funding, you are advocating.

As an individual diagnosed with breast cancer, you may advocate for your own cause or a collective cause that many breast cancer patients face. While there have been many advances made in the diagnosing, treatment and management of breast cancer, individuals diagnosed with or living with breast cancer still face issues that may need advocacy.

One way to advocate for an issue is to share how it personally affects you, in other words, by sharing your story. This Digital Advocacy and Storytelling Toolkit has been created to help you identify your issue, help you craft how to advocate for your issue via telling your story, determine the appropriate avenue to tell your story and the actions to take as the next steps. Please note that this toolkit should serve as a guideline on how to get started. What the final product will look like will be different for each person and issue.

Using the menu to the left, you can go directly to the section(s) relevant to you. You can also read through the full Digital Advocacy and Storytelling Toolkit (Word | PDF) instead.



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