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Metastatic Breast Cancer

For many Canadians affected by metastatic breast cancer, there continues to be a lack of awareness, understanding, resources, and support surrounding this disease. To address the silence around this issue, the Canadian Breast Cancer Network has identified metastatic breast cancer and the unique needs of Canadians affected by this disease as a priority issue for our organization. Through a combination of education, information-sharing, and targeted advocacy activities, our multi-faceted metastatic breast cancer strategy strives to raise the overall profile of this disease in Canada and address the treatment, support, and healthcare needs of Canadians living with metastatic breast cancer.

Our objectives are to promote:

  1. Increased awareness and understanding of metastatic breast cancer and the experience of Canadians living with this stage of the disease. CBCN has been successful in creating a national dialogue around metastatic breast cancer through our social media and awareness raising campaigns.
  2. Equitable and timely access to effective treatments for metastatic breast cancer. Through targeted advocacy initiatives, CBCN has worked closely with government officials and health agencies to support expanded access to new therapies for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer across the country. If you are currently experiencing difficulties accessing a treatment, please contact us at
  3. Increased investments in research to improve quality of life and health outcomes for Canadians  living with metastatic breast cancer. 



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