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The Voice of People With Breast Cancer

What breast cancer drugs are available in Canada


Resource Profile

Kingston Financial Assistance Program

Breast Cancer Action Kingston
Income supplement, Home life, Practical expenses
Early Stage, Metastatic

Breast Cancer Action Kingston offers financial support to help those living with and/or receiving treatment:

  • Breast cancer needs:
    • Medication costs
    • Special garments
    • Wigs
    • Prostheses and bras
  • Daily living costs:
    • Food
    • Accommodation
    • Utilities

Financial Cap: Up to $1000 per year including any items below. Total maximum allowance per person of $2000.

  • Full prosthesis: $150 every 2 years
  • Partial prosthesis: $50 every 2 years
  • Wigs: $250 every 2 years
  • Bras (maximum 2): 50% every 2 years
  • Have had a breast cancer diagnosis.
  • Be (or become) a member of Breast Cancer Action Kingston. The membership fee is $30/year and may be eligible for a receipt.
  • Individuals living in or receiving treatment with in the South East Local Health Integration Network. Coverage includes great Kingston area and stretches to Trenton, Picton, Cornwall, Sharbot Lake, Perth and Westport.
  1. Complete Financial Assistance application.
  2. Complete Membership Application and pay $30 fee.
  3. Submit both applications in a sealed envelope by mail to:
    Breast Cancer Action Kingston
    110-650 Dalton Ave, Kingston, ON  K7M 8N7

Applications can be found here.


Phone: 613-531-7912

Visit website


  • Generic vs. Brand Name

    What is the difference between a Generic drug and a Brand Name drug?

    Brand name, or innovator drugs are drugs that are researched, developed and marketed by a specific pharmaceutical company. After a pharmaceutical company researches and gains approval to develop a drug they apply for a patent, allowing them to exclusively produce and sell that drug.  Patents on drugs often have an expiration date. Once the patent runs out other pharmaceutical companies are free to produce and sell the drug as well. A generic drug is a copy of the original brand name drug and uses the same active ingredients but is simply being developed by another pharmaceutical company. Generic drug manufactures are required to follow the same manufacturing and safety standards as brand name manufactures.

    For more information about the difference between generic and brand name drugs, visit the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH)

  • Provincial/Territorial Formularies

    What is the contact information for my provincial/territorial formulary?

    A list of formularies and their contact information is available HERE.

  • Income Support Programs

    Where do I find more information on income support programs to fund the cost of my drugs in my province/territory?

    Use our FinancialNavigator Database to find provincial and federal governmental income support programs and other avenues of financial support by searching “Income Supplement” and your province.

  • Manufacturer Patient Assistance Programs

    How do I contact the manufacturer to inquire about whether or not a portion of, or all of the costs of a drug is covered through their Patient Assistance Program?

    You can search for all available manufacturer Patient Assistances Programs and more avenues of support on our FinancialNavigator by searching “Drug Coverage”. You can also visit Drug Access Canada for more resources on accessing breast cancer drugs in Canada.

  • Drugs that aren’t covered on a formulary

    How do I access drugs that aren’t covered on a provincial/territorial formulary?

    Learn more about programs that may help cover drugs that aren’t listed on the public formularies HERE or by searching our FinancialNavigator Database.  

    What is the Trillium Drug Program in Ontario, am I eligible and how do I apply?

    Read this Q & A fact sheet for more information on this program and how it can potentially help offset the costs of your take home cancer medications.

  • Private Insurance

    How can my private insurance help pay for drugs that aren’t covered through public funding?

    Find more information about private insurance HERE.

  • Drug approval process in Canada

    Where do I find more information about the drug approval process in Canada?

    Learn more about the drug approval process in Canada HERE.

  • Clinical Trials

    Where do I find more information about clinical trials in Canada?

    Learn more about metastatic breast cancer clinical trials in Canada HERE

  • Cancer Centres in Canada

    Where do I find a list of cancer centres and contact information?

    A list of cancer centres in Canada and their contact information is HERE.

  • Additional Information

    I have information to help update this tool, who do I contact?

    If you have additional information that would be helpful to include in this tool please email or call us at 1-800-685-8820.

  • Contacting CBCN

    How can I connect with CBCN directly about specific questions?

    Connect with us via email at or on the phone at 1-800-685-8820.