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Intimacy after Breast Cancer

Workshop Overview

The Canadian Breast Cancer Network (CBCN) has developed a workshop titled “Intimacy After Breast Cancer”. This workshop was created to address sex and intimacy issues after breast cancer as they were identified by young women at the 2007 Young Women’s Conference in Toronto. The workshop was developed by clinical psychologist and breast cancer survivor Dr. Sally Kydd and was tested with the collaboration of 15 young women survivors in 2009.

Thanks to the support of La Vie en Rose and the Roses of Hope Foundation, CBCN is making this resource available free of charge to breast cancer support organizations throughout Canada. CBCN will provide organizations with a facilitators’ manual, a PowerPoint presentation that coincides with the manual and a copy of Dr. Sally Kydd’s book “Intimacy After Cancer” for each participant. The manual and PowerPoint presentation are available in both English and French. Due to the sensitive nature of the material, workshops must be facilitated by qualified professionals.

Topics addressed in this unique new resource include:

  • Sharing thoughts on the role of the breast in women’s lives
  • The “New Normal”: living with a breast cancer diagnosis
  • The redevelopment of body image
  • Intimacy issues with one’s spouse/partner
  • What about dating?
  • Activities you and your partner can explore to facilitate intimacy and deal with sexual problems
  • How to deal with grief, depression and sexuality
  • Empowerment
  • Role playing as a tool
  • Where to go for help

If you are interested in coordinating or hosting this workshop in your community please contact Rebecca Wilson at or at 1-800-685-8820 x225.



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