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Meet Adriana Ermter

Approximately once a month, we will be sharing stories from Adriana Ermter as a guest blogger. Adriana is a senior editor and writer who grew up in Calgary, Alberta and now lives in Toronto, Ontario. She has spent the past 15 years overseeing the editorial for and contributing to newspapers, magazines and online publications, while coaching synchronized swimming part time.

Adriana is an advocate for early testing as she was diagnosed with breast cancer at a fairly young age. She visited her doctor after finding a lump under her right arm but getting a diagnosis was a struggle as she faced doctors and healthcare professionals that believed that she was too young for breast cancer and not high risk. Adriana has now been cancer-free for a little over a year.

Follow Adriana's experience with being diagnosed with breast cancer starting with next week's blog.

Instagram: @adrianaermter
Twitter: @AErmter