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Senseless Surgery Campaign

Imagine needing a drug that could save your life and then being told you can’t have it unless you have an unnecessary surgery? Neither can we.

The Issue:

Many young, pre-menopausal women with hormone positive stage IV breast cancer take medication that suppresses ovarian function, stopping their bodies from producing estrogen.  This medication is needed in order for them to access cancer treatments such as palbociclib, which requires them to be post-menopausal to receive treatment.  But women living in British Columbia are being told that in order to receive this cancer treatment they need to have an oophorectomy. An oophorectomy, the surgical removal of both ovaries, is an invasive surgery that can easily be replaced with ovarian-suppression medication.

It’s important that women have the option to choose the ovarian suppression option that is right for them. Women shouldn’t be forced to have surgery that they don’t want if there is an alternative option.

This needs to change.

How you can help:


Tell the government of British Columbia that women should not be forced to have a surgery they don’t want or need so they can access a drug that could save their life.

It’s really easy. Sign your name to this letter telling the governments to change their policies. Your letter will automatically be sent to the Ministry of Health in British Columbia.


Once you’ve sent your letter, share this campaign with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter!

Share the image and message below using our hashtag #SenselessSurgery to let everyone know that you are fighting to change this policy.

I’m stopping #SenselessSurgery, are you? Tell the government in BC that young metastatic women shouldn’t be forced to have surgery they don’t need or want.

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