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Finally, a travel insurance company that will cover pre-existing conditions and people living with metastatic cancer!

One of the common concerns we hear from patients and survivors is about travelling after a breast cancer diagnosis. So often, insurance companies will put strict limitations on policies for people with pre-existing conditions. And for those living with metastatic breast cancer, finding coverage can be next to impossible. 

That’s because these insurance policies typically require individuals to be ‘medically stable’ for a period before travelling; most commonly for three, six or even 12 months. This means that there can be no changes in a person’s health condition or even medications during that time. Something as little as a change in dosage (even for the better) can void your policy altogether. It’s no wonder so many people take the risk and travel without insurance. 

When people call to ask if we know of any insurance company that might cover them, we have never been able to give them the answers they want and need. That was until Clear Compare reached out to us to let us know about their company and the policies they provide to help people with pre-existing conditions find affordable travel coverage. 

We thought it was too good to be true but after talking with them we soon realized that they really do mean it. And while they can’t promise to cover everything, they can offer coverage on a broad range of medical conditions including metastatic cancer that almost all other insurance companies will deny. Here are some of your most pressing questions answered. 

Do you require my condition to be stable for a period of time before I travel?

No. Our policies don’t have the stability period requirements that so many other insurance policies have prior to purchase. For most other companies, if your treatment, medication or diagnosis changes with a certain period before the purchase of your insurance, you won’t be covered. But with us, we don’t require these stability periods in our policies. Instead, we find out all the information about your medical condition ahead of time and determine whether coverage can be provided for everything. 

What medical conditions have you been known to cover?

We can provide coverage for over 1,300 medical conditions including cancer, transplants, epilepsy, stroke, heart conditions, diabetes and more. 

Are there any conditions you won’t cover?

Yes. With Clear Compare, you disclose all your medical conditions during the application for coverage and we will advise you whether we can provide coverage. There are also some medical conditions that will render your risk rating to be higher than we are able to provide coverage for. In addition, we are unable to provide coverage in certain situations such as when a client has been given a terminal diagnosis or cannot perform the tasks of daily living. We are also unable to provide coverage when a condition is undergoing investigative testing. For instance, prior to their vacation — a client may have gone into the hospital with a panic attack and the doctors run tests on their heart. We require the results of those tests before we can provide any coverage.

My breast cancer is incurable (metastatic) but I am stable, will I be covered?

Yes. We define a ‘terminal illness’ as having less than 6 months to live. If you have metastatic cancer but have not been told that you have less than 6 months to live, you are eligible to apply for coverage. 

If I qualify for coverage, will my rates be extremely high?

No. Each policy is different because each is tailor made to a customer’s specific health situation. Our customers have been surprised by how reasonable and affordable our medical underwriting policies are. 

How can I trust the policy will cover my condition?

Our medical screening applications make it easy and fast for you to tell us about any medical conditions you have. Your policy is tailor made for your specific health situation and backed by leading, brand name insurance companies, including Manulife and AIG. You tell us what your conditions are, we write them into the policy, and they are covered. 

You can easily apply for a quote on their website or by calling one of their experts at 416-814-5591.